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Perfectly Steamed Potatoes

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Perfectly Steamed Potatoes



Along with the perfect rice recipe, we love perfectly steamed potatoes. They are great for weight loss as they are low in caloric density and also very satiating. 


– whole potatoes, any kind


  • tomato
  • sweet peppers
  • cilantro
  • green onion


  • potato nacho sauce **
  • sriracha


Wash and scrub your potatoes clean. Insert the trivet (the metal rack that comes with your Instant Pot) into the Instant Pot and add in 2 cups of water. Insert your whole potatoes directly on the trivet rack and put the cover on.

Hit the manual button and set the time according to the size of the potatoes you have. If you’re unsure of what time to use, choose more time to ensure the potatoes are cooked all the way through.

  • Large – 15 minutes
  • Medium – 12 minutes
  • Small – 10 minutes.

Make sure the steam release handle is set to ‘sealing’. Once the cooking time is up, let the potatoes naturally release for at least 10 minutes. Switch the handle to ‘venting’ to release any extra steam and remove the cover lid.

Put whatever delectables you enjoy on top and devour some potato carbness.

New Egg-Bite Mold with BUILT-IN Handles

You no longer have to reach your hand into your Instant Pot to grab your trivet trays. Instead, you can simply grip the heat resistant handles and remove your tasty treats.



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